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Norton Norton.Roman at
Mon May 17 11:30:19 UTC 2004

Well, here in England you rarely see products in whichyou can read
something like "suitable for linux"...and when you ask the customer's
service, they know nothing about compatibility issues...

Of course, I'm talking about personal computers...what I found
interesting is that IBM is spending a huge amount of money advertising
linux here, but they have no linux laptop to sell (I didn't check
desktops)... this sounds, at least, controversial... I mean, somebody
could think, "if linux is so good as claims ibm, why don't they sell
products with it?" (again, talking about personal computers).

Even Dell which, by the way, sells linux desktops in Brazil, apparently
has nothing over here...

Now, moving on to the business world, linux here is growing up... some
companies I know use one of its flavours (mostly suse)... but there are
still some nonsense from the general public... in Brighton University,
for example, they have solaris and windows... no linux... and they won't
install dual boot (I asked 8))... sad...

> Jay Daniels wrote:
> > Is it too much to ask that hardware manufacturers put a "Designed for
> > Linux" logo on their products?  We can only hope, maybe one day.
> > 
> > JMHO:)
> :)
> I really don't think it is too far away now Jay - I can only guess what 
> the rest of the world is doing, but here in Australia, ALL my SMB 
> customers now have A Linux box on their premises. Some only as a cut 
> down router on an old PC, for sure, but when I first started with RH5.1, 
> I couldn't sell Linux to any of my SMBs for any reason.
> Regards,
> Ed.

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