kernell compiled from source against rpm ones...

Edward edward at
Wed May 19 05:30:58 UTC 2004

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

> If you self have no serious reasons for a self compiled kernel it will
> be wasted time.

True, however, it is a great experience. I'd never done it myself either 
till about 3 days ago, and as long as you follow the myriad of available 
how-to's it is PISS easy. Really nothing to it.

The times I could see rolling your own as a benefit is:

1> To get the nvidia driver to work on FC2 until nvidia fixes their 
driver. (Unless they already have???)

2> If you want to do a very specific thing. For example, when I have 
some time, I'd like to grab an old mini PC I have lying around, stick a 
serial driven LCD on it, stick some embedded speakers in it, and set it 
up as an MP3 boom box. It isn't fast and doesn't have a lot of memory, 
so  I'd like to roll my own kernel for that to take out all the bloated 
crap I don't need.


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