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Wed May 19 14:22:43 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 19 May 2004 12:54, Sean Estabrooks wrote:
> On Wed, 19 May 2004 11:03:28 +0300
> xyzzy at hotpop.com wrote:
> > > Has been discussed in the afore mentioned thread very extensively. Fact
> > > is that the problem is bound to a special, but not exactly known
> > > combination of hardware. Most users are not affected. And the problem
> > > came up very late in the test process.
> >
> > None of which is an excuse for releasing something with this major of a
> > bug.
> No big deal really.   Already have a work around and a more complete
> fix will be forthcoming.  The intended audience of Fedora won't have a
> heart attack over small issues like this.

Where is it written what the "intended audience" of Fedora is?

> > Again, not an excuse for releasing something with this kind of problem
> What, you asking for your money back?

Yeah, that's real cute...  Typical... So, since it's free, that means that 
crap can be released... That's what I thought...

> > I am not "blaming" FOSS.  I am merely pointing out that this gives
> > ammunition (and well deserved) to the enemies of Open Source.  Actually,
> > FOSS isn't the problem here.  A stupid release schedule is... which has
> > nothing to do with FOSS; rather, obvious inept management of the Fedora
> > project.
> >
> > However, the Dark Side won't make that distinction.
> Really doesn't matter.   Many times people see what they want to see.

Really doesn't matter??  How arrogant.

> > > And the Fedora Project does not aim to the computer novize
> > > or windows user.
> >
> > Doesn't it now...  That's so nice to hear... and how is Linux going to
> > "take over" the Desktop by 2005?  I see, you want it both ways...
> Nope.   Linux is not defined by Fedora.   That's kind of the point.   It's
> the freedom of Linux.   And not many people expect the desktop
> top be taken over in 2005.
> > > Those people, who may have a lot of trouble to recover
> > > from that fault, shouldn't use Fedora, but probably Red Hat Workstation
> > > or one of the other distros (Mandrake is a good choice).
> >
> > Yeah, yeah...  That's a great way to fix a problem... just ignore it...
> Not being ignored.   There is already a work around.   The problem doesn't
> even affect everyone who is dual booting and doesn't affect anyone
> who has been freed from Windows :o)

And, what is the work around?  Or is that just your little secret?  And, how 
am I able to be freed from Windows if I can't even install Linux without 
losing everything else?

> > > As said before - no reason for so much excitement.
> >
> > In other words, shut up and go back to Windows??  Spoken like a true
> > zealot.
> Nope.   You seem to be on the edge of sounding like one though.

Sounding like one what?  A zealot?  Of what?  I'm trying to get this release 
running and getting my face kicked in for it.  You're the arrogant one, 

> Ashamed of your name are you?

Jesus, grow up, will you?

> Why not come out from behind the email addy.

No, I don't think so... not while children like you are running things...

Boy, you sure told me, eh?

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