Oops again! Re: VDQ : which Galeon for FC1?

Satish Balay balay at fastmail.fm
Sun May 23 20:06:45 UTC 2004

On Sun, 23 May 2004, Beartooth wrote:

> On Sun, 23 May 2004 14:01:45 -0500, Satish Balay wrote:
>>> .....Unable to satisfy dependencies
>>> Package mozilla needs mozilla-nspr = 37:1.4.1-18, this is not
>>> available. Package mozilla needs mozilla-nss = 37:1.4.1-18, this is not
>>> available. [root at localhost root]#
>>>                          =====
>> rpm -qa mozilla*
>           =====
> [root at localhost root]# rpm -qa mozilla* mozilla-nspr-1.4.2-0.9.0
> mozilla-nss-1.4.2-0.9.0
> [root at localhost root]#
>           =====
> So, iiuc, my versions are ahead of what epiphany wants?
>> yum remove  mozilla-nspr  mozilla-nss
> OK -- that worked. Also, did "man up2date" and read -nox (which I didn't
> know of -- thanks, shrek-m!) ; but I don't think I understood -i -- so I
> refrained from doing "up2date-nox -i mozilla-mail openoffice.org epiphany"
> Could I just do "up2date-nox -i openoffice.org epiphany" and do without
> mozilla entirely?
> There are two reasons, btw, that I'm trying to get used to yum instead of
> up2date: it seems less tedious by far, and I have a good mirror right here in
> town that's unlikely to get such demand as one at RedHat. So I'll hold off
> on the up2date versions for the present, unless/until one of you tells me
> they'll work where yum won't.

yum and up2date do similar things. You already have yum configured
with your favourite mirror. So you could continue to use yum.

yum install openoffice.org epiphany

<epiphany depends upon mozilla - and yum will now install the correct
version of mozilla and other required dependencies>


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