Thoughts and Questions On Yum, Up2Date. Etc.

Tom 'Needs A Hat' Mitchell mitch48 at
Tue May 25 21:58:11 UTC 2004

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 02:22:09PM -0400, billg wrote:
> Yum was very, very slow. If I didn't know better, as a new user might
> not, I would've assumed that it had crashed.
> 1)  Is yum's unresponsiveness due to mirror load? If so, why wasn't
> up2date slow?  Just dumb luck?  Do they not look at the same
> repositories? 

Mirror load is the issue.  May 20 was in the peak download of FC2.  Add
to this a slight bit of confusion because of dynamic mirror selection.

If you watch up2date you will see dynamic mirror selection.  Some are
silly.  With a default config I saw a connection to a small European
site that was slow.  Killed it (I am in California) and  on restart it
connected to a US mirror and the update went quickly.

I suspect that some sort of smarts needs to be invented for improved
locality. If I understood this better I could file an enhancement
request.  Perhaps a cookie could pass time zone info 
	  $ date +" %z"
Add N or S for hemisphere...  
Simple arithmetic can then look for a match.  If no match then widen the
search +/- 1,2,3,5,both NS,8,13, any).

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