UK keyboard layout with winkeys

Dylan Parry me at
Wed May 26 22:35:53 UTC 2004


I have a UK keyboard with Windows keys either side of the spacebar, but no  
matter what I do I cannot get them to work! I have selected a UK keyboard  
layout in my xorg.conf, and testing it with xev shows that the keys are  
actually producing an input.

When I go to the KDE control centre and click on keyboard shortcuts, and  
try to select a layout with 4 modifier keys or the Windows keyboard  
layout, it tells me that my current keyboard does not have these keys - am  
I just seeing things?!

Under the keyboard layouts tab in the control centre, when I enable  
keyboard layouts, there are no layouts to choose from, so I am at a loss  
as to how and what I should change the current configuration to in order  
to get KDE to see these keys...

Any ideas?

P.S. I am using FC2, if that makes any difference.

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