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Thu May 27 14:33:26 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 04:52, Peter Cannon wrote:

> I run a DELL Latitude CPXj its an ex US model that I have upgraded and changed 
> for UK use it is a PIII 700, 256MB, 40GB HDD I have a 3com PCMCIA network 
> card which I connect  to my office and home networks under separate profiles 
> I am running FC1 and don't have any problems every thing seems to work fine 
> apart from a silly problem that started a couple of months ago where I have 
> to eject the PCMCIA during start up and shutdown but I'm not that bothered as 
> at least the base system works (I cant say the same for certain applications 
> but thats configuration not hardware)


	Last night someone provided an answer to the problem above.  Worked on
my system.

	In the network configuration of the card tell it NOT to startup at boot

	Not very intuitive but it did work on my system.

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