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Re: Escaping "upgrade hell"

Am Di, den 04.05.2004 schrieb Bob Shaffer um 15:40:

> I've recently been investigating certain (I won't mention any names)
> distributions which seem to have an endless life-cycle.  With these
> distributions, it seems that you can keep all of the software on your
> system at the most current versions and avoid the process of upgrading
> your entire O/S when new releases become available.  This seems like the
> only logical way of handling things to me.  Is it possible to do this with
> Red Hat/Fedora or, if not, will this be something that will be possible in
> the future and when?

If you say that other distributions - do you mean just Linux
distributions or BSB distributions as well? - offer a special kind of
upgrade path, whatever that should be, you should explain what you mean
with that to be able to say whether that is possible with Fedora/Redhat
in the same way.

Either, upgrading is upgrading and always means to get your whole system
to a higher state and not just updating applications. I do not know any
Linux distribution that would have a different policy.

So please feed us with details and names.


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