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HD corruption

This is probably not a Fedora issue but i am using Fedora Core 1 so I
thought I would ask.  Sunday I was able to access /mnt/Music/ in its
entirety.  Last nite I could access everything except for
/mnt/Music/Full Albums.  Today I can't access anything.  When I 'ls
/mnt/Music/' I get: 
ls: /mnt/Music/79?..: No such file or directory
ls: /mnt/Music/�▒@�@ /: No such file or directory
ls: /mnt/Music/?
                &�?w.??▒: No such file or directory
-             ????a? ?.i    )???ivvt.q?$  q????m`d.??"  ?_x.?_x  ?^x.?^x
????????.??$  ?#???a?p.??)  i_x.k_x       q^x.s^x       ?_x.?_x  ?^x.?^x
??.?*?         a~`??p*.c??  i]x.k]x       q^x.s^x       ?_x.?_x  ?_x.?_x
@             a^x.c^x       i\x.k\x       q^x.s^x       ?_x.?_x  ?\x.?\x
+??(???#.??\  a_x.c_x       i\x.k\x       q_x.s_x       ?_x.?_x  ?]x.?]x
??<?????.? ?  a]x.c]x       i\x.k\x       q]x.s]x       ?_x.?_x  ?^x.?^x
????????.???  a\x.c\x       i^x.l^x       q]x.s]x       ?_x.?_x  ?^x.?^x
?.(??         a^x.f^x       ??ix??m?.???  q_x.t_x       ?_x.?_x  ?^x.?^x
?????}??.?|?  a\x.l\x       i^x.?_x       q\x.v\x       ?]x.?]x  ?\x.?\x
??0???kp.???  a\x.w\x       ??????j?.$??  q\x.?]x       ?]x.?]x  ?\x.?\x
?0???.?y?     )?`?? b?.???  jm ? k?t      q\x.z\x       ?]x.?]x  ?]x.?]x
]?1?i7??.b??  ???b          j]x.k]x       r^x.v^x       ?]x.?]x  ?^x.?^x
1^x.3^x       ?- ??c??.???  ???=j?z?.-&g  r\x.x\x       ?]x.?]x  ?^x.?^x
1_x.4_x       ???cd?&(.?m?  k?{?b? 7 ???  :??;? sk.u9u  ?]x.?]x  ?_x.?_x
1]x.=]x       ?c?h? ??.??|  ?kc???#3.9{?  ?>srx???      ?]x.?]x  ?\x.?\x
1\x.=\x       c_x.n_x       k:$\?l#,.$#d  #?!???s?.t    ?]x.?]x  ?\x.?\x
1??yl5?~.(?t  d 3?9.z?a     k+??!!p?.???  ?????s??.谢   ?]x.?]x  
[? \??@2.h?h  d b.#??       k^x.[^x       t8^?`?,?.l*?  ?\x.?\x 
y??"4? ? ?''
2?kr??k?.??z  ?dbn???k.`??  k^x.x^x       ?tl?c???.?5   "\x.$\x  ye
????"2m?.e?,  d?g           k?!<??z?.???  ??+???-?.??u  (]x.#]x 
2^x.3^x       dj???.??2     l?b?4r?.?(?   ?u?5????.???  )^x.+^x 
2\x.3\x       ??d???l?.":?  l??????j.?_?  u??'?k??.*?:  )_x.+_x  y]x.j]x
2\x.?\x       d??s?th?.m??  l=s?g9??.???  ???up?0?.hhu  )\x.+\x  y_x.lax
?31????p.???  d?t^o??s.?    ?m)?d)h?.,?r  u]x.;]x       )\x.+\x  y^x.~^x
 37?n? ?      d^x.c^x       m\x.c\x       ??v?4?<?.4?j  \\x.[\x  y^x.[^x
??3?"$lh.?q?  ?????{e?.???  ??n.???       ???v???a.??e  ?^x.?^x  y^x.{^x
3????_z  u$?  ?????e??.g?z  ??.n??        v??c???x.??&  ?_x.?_x  y_x.;_x
??4?h3v?.$?   ???????e.?h?  n?????6?.2&0  ???w((?0.@(?  ?_x.?_x  y_x.\_x
??&:4?l?.q?l  ?eo??+dh.?|c  ?n??}[om.*?y  ?w2-h]?*.l?<  ?_x.?_x  y]x.{]x
4?]?y?.?.lx?  ??.f?c.?.]?c  n?(q????.?)?  w?!???3w.z??  ?_x.?_x  y\x.{\x
?5?????2.??k  ?{+????f.??q  n_x.k_x       ?_x.3_x       ?_x.?_x  y\x.}\x
5?????jj.g?)  f]x.c]x       ???n??_z.?ht  #_x.7_x       ?_x.?_x  y\x.\\x
6?b?tp?a.e?1  ??`??g.?@(    ??n?z?i?.y??  ?^x.k^x       ?_x.?_x  \?
*??98??u.???  ???gj?2?.???  !?o?_n`?.=??  ?\x.k\x       ?]x.?]x 
9?kefx~?.???  ?g? ?w?? 4?i  ??p?????.?:?  ??????x?.r5@  ?]x.?]x 
?9l??=??.???  ?g?y ??% ?f?  ???.?p?       x?r???t?.i?}  ?]x.?]x 
9^x.;^x       ?h?}?.0?.f(?  ????p???.??g  =_x.?_x       ?]x.?]x 
9^x.?^x       h??????e  ?`  ??p?k?s0."?n  ,^x.+^x       ?]x.?]x  z?z??k?
9\x.<\x       @~h??r??.???  ??pn[?,t.??   !^x.#^x       ?]x.?]x
9\x.;\x       &!.?i?        p???y<)?.???  !^x.#^x       ?]x.?]x
]?a0????.?tm  i?e?kl5g.???  ?????q1s.ux?  !]x.)]x       ?]x.?]x
a?2r????.?#?  ?i?????.?n?   qd?"^i??.g?}  !\x.#\x       ?_x.{_x
a?.?)b        ?/?i?n??.=u?  ????qj??.l(b  ?^x.?^x       ?\x.?\x

These are what used to be my files and directories.  

fdisk -l:
Disk /dev/hdb: 60.0 GB, 60022480896 bytes
16 heads, 63 sectors/track, 116301 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 1008 * 512 = 516096 bytes

   Device Boot    Start       End    Blocks   Id  System
/dev/hdb1             1     54662  27549616+   c  Win95 FAT32 (LBA)
/dev/hdb2         54662    116301  31065992    c  Win95 FAT32 (LBA)

When I came home Sunday afternoon my system was locked up.  I rebooted
and I guess everything was fine because I was able to listen to my music
over the web while at work.  When I got home last nite i could not
access the Full Albums dir.  Now all of the dir look weird.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I also have /mnt/Video which has
home videos and pictures that i really don't want to loose.  It would
always mount at boot.  mount -t vfat /dev/hdb2 /mnt/Video but now i get wrong fs when trying to mount it manually because it won't mount at boot

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