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Fwd: Re: Tackling a shared USB printer (linux -> WXP)

Are you suggesting that I should be able to simply enable raw queuing with the
Canon drivers for my printer?  As far as I could tell, I have a choice - raw or
Canon.  With raw, localhost won't print (logs don't reveal a problem either),
but with the Canon driver, I can print locally but not from Windows (logs
complain that an octet stream arrived and it didn't know how to handle it).

When I went into the mime.types and mime.convs manually and uncommented the
octet-stream line with the Canon drivers, then I could print both from
localhost and from networked printers.  But that, I've been told, is not really
how I should be doing it -- aside from the fact if I change anything using the
redhat-config-printer tool it'll re-create my mime.* files and comment the
octet-stream line out again.


Quoting d l <popgojp yahoo co jp>:

> Interesting. I have the raw octet stream enabled in
> mime.*, both windows and localmachine print perfectly.

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