Old farts and new Linux

Charles R. Dennett dennett at rochester.rr.com
Tue May 4 23:39:26 UTC 2004

duncan brown wrote:

> Charles R. Dennett said:
>>Anyway, the only reason I keep my old Windows box around is because I
>>could not get Microsoft Money 2001 working under wine.  I wonder if that
>>would be similar?  I only use MS$ because the old box came with it and
>>I've grown used to it.
> have you tried gnucash?  my finances aren't that complex, so it works well
> for me, i'm not so sure about more complex financial situations.

I keep the family finances in MS$.  I still write checks by hand, enter
them into MS$ and balance it each month in MS$ when the statement comes.
  I also track a couple of car loans, mortgage, credit cards, 401k,
stocks, mutual funds.  The only thing it goes online for is to grab the
prices for the various stocks and mutual funds.  Nothing all that fancy.
 I'll give gnucash a try again and see how it goes.


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