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Re: Need help (of course) setting up network

Well I guess it was too good to be true. Some one to help me. Sorry for bothering you with my problems I'll just struggle through on my own.

See you (maybe)


On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 05:41:52 +1000, Shelagh Manton <oneida tpg com au> wrote:

At 13:00 4/25/2004, you wrote:
I installed Fedora Core 1 and everything seems to be working well, including being able to use the internet. (Although, I think I stuffed up my firewall settings yesterday). However I need the help of a kind patient person who can walk me through our simple 3 computer network setup. I am the only one on Linux, the other two are on WindowsXP. Mine however is the only computer with internet access.
You're going to need to provide a lot more detail when you ask a question, but we'll try to help you.
Now, assuming that your computer (A) connects to the Internet and that the other two computers (B and C) run WinXP and connect to yours, I suggest you:
1. First make sure that you have two Ethernet cards in your A computer, and that A can connect to the Internet *and* to B and C.
2. Once basic networking has been established (don't worry about the rest of it until then), go to http://www.shorewall.net and download the Shorewall RPM package. Also download the "Two-Interface Quick Guide" and it will show you how to give B and C access to the Internet via A.
Post back here if you have more questions. And remember, when starting a new conversation, press the button in your mail program for a *new* message... do not reply to an existing message since this confuses the threads.

Did starting a new thread help? Hope so. But it looks confusing to me.

OK. My machine is dual booted win98/Fedora 1. Networking has worked fine with windows, but my 14 year old son sorted that out. We are on a hub so I don't need 2 ethernet cards. My big problem is I don't know how to configure the networking files and samba. Also LIsa won't start up for me which I think is another init config file problem (eg me being blonde again!). Please tell me what kind of other information you need to know. I like to use the KDE desk top and have somewhere picked up a utility called smb4k which looks like a gui samba configuration interface and network neighbourhood thingy in one. (But the documentation is primitive to say the least). I feel like I probably need to start from scratch.

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