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Re: OT: New low for Microsoft!

On 5/5/2004 11:24 AM, Bob Shaffer wrote:

This is all nonsense. I've seen Longhorn running on a laptop that
couldn't have been any faster than 1 GHz and everything worked as well as
you could expect from MS. Whoever "leaked" those specs was full of crap. The recommended specs will be far less than what that article said, and it
will be at least as unstable and useless as everything else MS has

You have seen a pre-alpha version of the upcoming Longhorn, that looks a little bit to what Longhorn will be. I have seen it too, and played with it. It is pretty much Windows XP with a different interface and some add-ons to make XAML work, rudimentary. It is *not* Longhorn. By 2006 --which by MS time system it might as well be 2010-- things would have changed quite a bit...


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