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Re: OS Performance (was OT: New low for Microsoft!)

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 07:30:57AM -0700, Bryan Encina wrote:
> > When I switch focus from one window to another (e.g. say from
> > Mozilla to
> > Mozilla Mail) there is about a 400-500 ms lag.  The RAM is
> > _NOT_ caching to the
> > hard drive for info -- the HD light never flickers.
> Sorry, I don't have a fix nor an explanation, but I used to notice this
> along with the slow menus that you mentioned before but it seems to have
> dramatically improved when I went from RH 9 to Fedora.  I'm running on an
> old system (P-III 500 512 MB RAM, an old Riva TNT2) and any "GUI lag" that I
> used to see is gone.  It used to be one of my biggest pet peeves with
> working in X before FC1.
> -b

I have noticed on underpowered machines, Nautilus is super slow.  If
you open a web browser like mozilla, minimize and then start Nautilus
that would give you a good indication of how your system performs.

500mhz with RH 9, Nautilus was pretty darn slow with 512mb of ram.

With my new machines one dual xeon and one laptop with 1.8 ghz Athlon
and 768 MB of ram performance is excellent on both.  Note the xeon has
2 gb of ram and not too much faster to the eye than the laptop, but of
course I'm running all different types of processes, servers, etc. on
the server.  With both machines FC1, nautilus flys onto the screen!


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