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Re: OT: New low for Microsoft!

duncan brown wrote:

(i'm not going to respond to your entire email bit by bit, as you were
bringing up SUPER-power user and server scenarios)

and isn't that what longhorn is supposed to be for? normal usage? or is
longhorn their server and workstation AND home solution?

Dont know.. Given that I've never heard about other projects by m$ , this makes me believe that longhorn will be their server , workstation and home solution... But I wonder... why have a server running longhorn if you need a super computer just to run the OS ? it should be a supercomputer to run the server.. and the OS should work on any cheap machine...

If it really is their home solution , then the conspiracy theories kick in... Maybe m$ and intel are trying to make us spend money ??? Maybe M$ and nvidia or ati??? ;)

I believe that this will be a eternal problem with windows.. considering the way it was developed , it will always grow bigger and power-hungry... no matter what they do , unless they rewrite windows from scratch...

Pedro Macedo

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