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Re: OT: New low for Microsoft!

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

At 09:46 5/5/2004, Pedro Macedo wrote:

duncan brown wrote:

and computers that are around now are overpowered

Not exactly. It's overpowered for *normal* usage (with this I mean web browsing , listening to mp3s , watching DVDs , etc). For people who work with computer science and computer related researches , every extra clock cycle is useful.

Please remember that we are talking about the hardware requirements of the *operating system* which is not performing any of those tasks. Whatever the OS requires is what *everyone* using it would need, not just what a power user running simulators would need. Do not confuse the OS hardware requirements with the requirements of any given application.

I was talking about his opinion that computers are overpowered in general. This explains why I showed all those scenarios...

But we have to keep in mind that is hard to tell the true requirements of the OS , specially after m$ decided to start integrating features into windows , like media support , internet browsing , etc.. (these "features" are now so deeply integrated in the OS that you cant remove it without destroying half of the system..I wonder if they put the html rendering engine of IE in the windows kernel....).

Pedro Macedo

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