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Followup to my anaconda+grub+dual-boot issues

Hello all,

As a followup to my post to this list a week ago regarding anaconda,
grub and dual booting, I have *almost* resolved it to a state I'm happy
with. Didn't attract any replies last time, hoping someone will kindly
offer some advice on this updated scenario.
So, I installed FC2t3 in a separate partition from FC1 so I can
dual-boot them. However, this time I installed FC2t3's grub to the first
sector of the boot partition so it wouldn't overwrite the existing
bootloader configuration for FC1 et al. Next I set up a chainloader
entry in FC1's grub.conf so that when I select that entry the grub
screen for FC2t3 is displayed. So, this is all fine, but my question now
is how can I get back to the FC1 grub menu once I've jumped to the FC2t3
one? During installation of FC2t3, Anaconda realised I had FC1 on
another partition and set up a grub entry for it as a chainloaded
configuration, but when selected it produces an error 13 I think (forgot
to write it down..). Will I have to set up a regular grub stanza for it
with root,kernel,initrd? I was hoping to simply chainload it. 

TIA and regards,
"Would you buy a car with the hood welded shut?"
 - Bob Young on the benefits of the open source development model.
mhelios - www.fedoraforum.org 

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