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Re: Old farts and new Linux

Sorry to burst your bubble but I am pushing 50 with 2 Windows machines and a couple of Linux servers ...  Started of doing Systems Programming on IBM VM machines (anybody remember those)
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Bill Diamond wrote:
On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 11:00, Steve Searle wrote:
Around 03:44pm on Monday, May 03, 2004 (UK time), duncan brown scrawled:

> and i don't mean to insult you in anyway, but... i wonder who's the oldest
> computer literate linux user out there?  i sort of have the mentality of
> the hippies back in the 60s/70s, don't trust anyone over 30 =] ... it's
> hard for me to believe that someone over 30 uses linux personally, once
> you're over 30 you have to start thinking more like a manager =]... then
> again, i'm almost over that line, but i don't feel like i'm that close =]

Well I'm 43 and have 5 PCs/Servers in my study running Gnu/Linux.  I
started as a trainee programmer on a Honeywell maiunframe in '79.

And I know there are plenty older and more skilled than me.



Ditto. I'm pushing 44, and I have three Linux servers and two WinPCs. 

Please, sonny.  We grandpappys were programming Unix before you were even conceived of.    Hell, I was programming Bell Version 3 back in 1980.

So, y'all hush up now and respect your elders :-)

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