Call for Yum Frontend

Davy Brion ralinx at
Sun May 9 10:38:05 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 04:24, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> On May  8, 2004, Jason Knight <tuxpenguin at> wrote:
> > I think it is seriously time to consider someone writing a yum
> > frontend that could be included with the standard fedora desktop.
> Err...  In what sense is up2date not that?

up2date was modified to support yum... a new GUI frontend that was
designed for yum will always be better than a solution which was just
modified to support yum.  

up2date is not bad, but for a newbie user it's not a good program. A new
fedora user can't use up2date to install new programs.  Using the
"Add/Remove Applications" tool from the menu isn't very good either
because it doesn't support external repos plus i can imagine it would be
confusing for new users that they would need to use 2 completely
different tools to install software, and then to update their software.

I agree with Jason Knight that a real GUI frontend for Yum should be
written.  It should be able to use _every_ piece of functionality that
Yum offers, in a way that is easy for the user.  It would definitely
make Fedora easier to use for new users.

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