How stable is fedora?

Davide dolcini at
Mon May 10 18:44:32 UTC 2004

Alle 20:18, lunedì 10 maggio 2004, McKeever Chris ha scritto:
> I know this topic has come up before, especially when FEDORA was first
> introduced, but now after months of implementing, tweaking and CORE2, how
> secure and stable is FEDORA??

We've at work a Red Hat Valhalla server, and it's stable, not so fast but 
stable. I've only tried Fedora at home, but i'm using it on a machine that's 
really slower than the server, but the distro works really fine. I think that 
a Red-Hat user can easely switch to fedora withouth problems. It's secure and 
stable as a red hat distro, you must update it frequently of course, but it 
works very well and the community around Fedora is one of the most kind and 
nice in linux world.

> Currently, we are running RH7.3 for almost everything from mail to DNS to
> samba domain control.   Can Fedora be implemented in its place and provide
> an environment that can be dependable?

Differences are few. But i haven't tried an upgrade to fedora from a red hat 

> if the answer is unfortunately NO, what other are the more highly
> recommended distros
> thanks

Other distros are not the subject of this mailing list, i suppose. But i'm 
using also Slackware 9.1, it's really good but it has a poor hardware 

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