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Re: cd burning utilities

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 20:24, russell wrote:
> I am finally coming out of the dinosaur age and have aquired a cd/rw.  
> Googling for burning software brings an overwhelming amount of various 
> clients.  I am looking for input on an easy to use program that will 
> burn and rip.  Any comments, tips or advice will be most welcome. 

Are you using the GNOME desktop?

Fedora Core comes with nautilus-cd-burner and a ripper called
sound-juicer (main menu -> Sound & Video -> Sound Juicer CD Ripper). 
Sound-juicer only supports Ogg by default, of course.  If you need MP3
support you'd have to install it from rpm.livna.org or elsewhere.

nautilus-cd-burner should automatically open when you insert a blank
CD-R or CD-RW.  (Although a kernel bug prevents it from working with
external drives.)  Drag files to the window then select "Write to CD"
(File menu -> Write to CD).  If you drag only audio files to the window
it gives you the option to burn an audio CD in the "Write to CD" dialog.

To manually launch the CD Creator:
  nautilus --no-desktop burn:

To have it burn an ISO image:
  nautilus-cd-burner filename.iso

Others have mentioned K3B or X-CDRoast if you need a program with 10
million options and dialogs/menus 6 levels deep.  (e.g. making a
bootable CD)  However, nautilus-cd-burner is quite adequate for normal
use, I'd think.

 David Norris
  ICQ - 412039

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