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Re: Call for Yum Frontend

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 04:31, duncan brown wrote:
> well, apt doesn't come on the fedora DISCS, but it is a part of the
> official fedora EXTRAS, which is housed at www.fedora.us.
> you'll find tons of programs there for fedora.

ok, but you simply can't expect a user who's new to linux to figure this
out on his own.  Fedora should simply provide said user with an easy to
use tool.  no matter how good you may think apt is, if it's not
installed _by default_ and easy to use, it's useless to people who are
coming from windows and trying out Fedora for the first time.

it really amazes me that the Linux community seems to not want to make
Linux as easy to use as possible to people coming from Windows.

btw, i'm not a new linux user... i've been using linux for 4 years now,
but trying to get people to switch to Linux is a bitch if a lot of the
stuff they wanna do is not easily doable with tools that come with the
distro _by default_

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