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Installation problem

Hi everyone,

I'm completely new to both Linux and Fedora, so please bear with me.

I downloaded the latest version from one of the mirrors, did the md5sum
check, burned the iso images to 3 CDs and even did the mediacheck against
the CDs and it seems that everything is Ok.
I already have Win2K on my machine, so I deleted one of the partitions,
which was 14 gega to install linux. The partition I deleted is located at
the end of the disk, cause I thought that the constraint that the /boot
partition should be placed in the first X cylinders no longer holds, but
maybe I'm wrong.
I started the installation, and used the automatic partition option. I found
that the installer has created a 102 MB for /boot, 1.7GB for swap and the
rest of the 14GB for /. I thought that must be ok.
When I continued with the installation, I got a warning that my boot
partition might be incompatible with the constrains of my architecture?! Is
this the cylinders problem? I don't know.
Anyway, I ignored the problem, but then I got this error when the installer
was copying the install image to the hard disk:

An error occurred transferring the install image to your hard drive. You are
probably out of disk space.

I cannot claim to understand the error. But I thought maybe the 102 MB for
the /boot was too small, so I restarted the installation, and this time used
DRUID to do the partitions myself and gave the /boot partition 640MB (don't
ask me why :). Anyway, the error remained.

Can someone please help with this. I'm really interested in Linux and want
to continue what I started.

Thanks in advance,
Tarek Nabil

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