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Re: How to install?

Jap wrote:

I'm a newbies of red hat. I am currently using windows xp and i want to install fedora... i hav downloaded the iso image (yarrow-i386-disc1.iso , yarrow-i386-disc2.iso , yarrow-i386-disc3.iso). What else files should i have?? I have a few question,
1. What files i need to dowmload to burn into CD if i want to install from CD?

You need just the isos.

2. How should i burn the installation CD? need any folder?? need to label my CD?

Just burn the ISO image with a cd-burner, for example using Nero Burning Rom

3. How to install form cd?? run from windows xp? I read an arctical tat stated if we choose our partiton as VFAT the we can see tat pertition in red hat. How to do tat as i can choose NTFS and FAT32 only.

If you've booting from cd enabled in your bios you need only to put fedora cd1 on and reboot with it.

I hope you can help me solve all the problems.... thank you very much.

Are you planning to keep windows or to delete your windows installation? In the first case you need to resize the ntfs (or fat32) partition, using a tool (under windows partition magic works fine, although i had some problems with the 7.0 version) but in any case backup your data first.

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