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Re: fc2 or not, that is the question...

On Mon, 17 May 2004, duncan brown wrote:

> Mike Bartman said:
> > At 12:09 PM 5/15/04 -0700, Joel Jaeggli wrote:
> >
> >>production environments, hell my employer still runs openvms. some
> >> people  what everything to be new and fresh and wonderful all of the
> >> time, some  people want stuff to never change.
> >
> > Ummm...OpenVMS isn't old...it's still being actively maintained and
> > developed.  HP owns it these days...second largest computer company on
> ummmm... you're kidding, right?  i've supported vms machines that were
> just about as old as i am (28).  vms is mad old, brotha!

the vax was born into the marketplace in oct 1977 which makes it a little
younger than you, and the denizens of vax land (or is that decus) will
come out of the woodwork to defend it until we turn the last one off. but
the poster prior to you missed my point.  people still run openvms because
they fear change. yes development still occurs and there are still
applications, it's not something that goes through upheavel and change,
it's slowly osifying and dying and has been since the tipping point in
about 86. I've done some time on datapoint, data general, and a couple hp 
platforms that are no longer with us so I think I have passable idea for 
what the point of no return looks like.

The point behind fedora (as I understand it) is that many pieces of
software including the kernel are evolving at rate faster than support and
marketing infrastructure can be brought to bear on pushing a distro out
the door and onto things like store shelves, yet some customers need that
functionality, and eventualy it needs to be in the 2-3 year cycle
corprate products, so you need someplace to maintain develop and test
distro's built around it. aiming for a major release every 4-6 months 
suits my sensibilities just fine, and it keeps the patch load that I have 
to manage in order to bring a fresh machine up to date small. in redhat 
enterprise they address this by respinning the iso's fairly regularly 
which also helps but isn't the same as major new feature releases.

> windows is just a baby, so's linux.
> -d
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