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Re: needs advice

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 06:30, Norton wrote:
> Well, here in England you rarely see products in whichyou can read
> something like "suitable for linux"...and when you ask the customer's
> service, they know nothing about compatibility issues...
> Of course, I'm talking about personal computers...what I found
> interesting is that IBM is spending a huge amount of money advertising
> linux here, but they have no linux laptop to sell (I didn't check
> desktops)... this sounds, at least, controversial... I mean, somebody
> could think, "if linux is so good as claims ibm, why don't they sell
> products with it?" (again, talking about personal computers).

	That's nothing new... Ever try ordering OS/2 on an IBM? It was their
OS, and they still sold Windows on their systems..

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