kernel 2.6 and KVM's

Fritz Whittington f.whittington at
Tue May 18 15:24:04 UTC 2004

On or about 2004-05-18 05:37, Vernon A. Fort whipped out a trusty #2 
pencil and scribbled:

> Chadley Wilson wrote:
>> On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 17:45, Vernon A. Fort wrote:
>>> Quick question, has anyone found either a hardware setup or a 
>>> configuration tweek which will allow you to use the wheel mouse
>>> with a KVM device (Curently I use the Belkin SOHO 4port + audio) 
>>> under the 2.6* kernels.
>> Hi Vernon Strange that you should experience such a Problem. but I 
>> have to ask a
>> few Q's.
>> Does the scroll work if the mouse is plugged directly into the PC, (no
>> kvm)?
>> What model KVM is it?
>> Did you only experience the problem after migrating to the 2.6 kernel?
>> Which kernel is it?
>> The reason I must ask is I have over 40 Kvms on the production Line here
>> and apart from dropping the mouse between switching we have never had
>> any troubles with the scroll
>> cheers
> Chadley,
>  It's one of the newer Belkins SOHO 4 port with audio - I got it early 
> last year.  The scroll mouse works under both kernels but with the 2.6 
> kernel, when you switch back (using KDE) the mouse goes nuts, opening 
> windows.  It completly looses control. The normal CTRL-ALT-F1 -> F7 
> re-syncs the mouse under the 2.4 kernels but does not fix it under the 
> 2.6.  Rebooting is the only way I have found to get mouse control back.
>  The resolution so far is not to use the belkins but before I switch 
> brands, I want to make sure this problem is not an issue with other 
> KVM's.
> Vernon

Perhaps this solution isn't for you, but might work for some people on 
the list.  I've been using an ATEN KVM for a few years now and was quite 
happy with it.  Good video, even at 1600x1200.  But when I got a new MS 
optical mouse with the two extra buttons, the KVM box was not passing 
those through.  Wanting to use the extra buttons under Windows, I just 
plugged the new mouse directly into the Windows machine, and my old 
wheel-mouse into the Linux box.  Mice, after all, aren't nearly as big 
as keyboards and CRTs!  As long as you only have 2, maybe 3 machines to 
work with, this beats the $150-200 solution of a new KVM, and works just 
fine, for me.

Fritz Whittington
TI Alum -

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