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Re: Upgrade or clean install

Mark Haney escribió:

Right or wrong list for this yet? Considering the sheer number of (fairly) major changes from FC1 to FC2, is a clean install of FC2 a better option than an upgrade? I've been debating this with friends of mine for a bit now and I am opening the floor to discussion on this.

Well, same here. I've been asking this myself, too. And I've also commented on this with some friends.
I've decided to do a clean install. Mainly because my box is an upgraded system from RH8 to FC1. That worked, but I had to deal with several annoyances here and there... and there are some minor things that still don't work the way I'd like.
So I don't want to add the FC1->FC2 (possible) mess on top of the RH8->FC1 (little) one.

But the fedora-test list is plenty of SUCCESS stories from FC1 to FC2testX... so I suppose the upgrade to the *final* release (which is a supported migration path) should work just fine.

So I think this is very subjective, very related to you particular situation, your time, how important your box is, your hardware... etc.

Just my $.02


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