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Re: 403 Forbidden

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 06:05, Edwin Humphries wrote:
> Alexander,
> Thanks - I commented out the content of welcome.conf, and suddenly 
> eveything works. May not be the "right" solution - it doesn't reverse 
> whatever it was I changed (which certaly wasn't the welcome.conf 
> file) but it works, so I'm OK.

Hi Edwin, 
    You've found a workaround but as Alexander explained, this should be
easily fixable. For each VirtualHost section for your three sites, what
have you set DocumentRoot to? For example, when you wrote that going to
www.exportersnetwork.org.au/exportnet will correctly take you to the
index page but www.exportersnetwork.org.au doesn't, that suggests that
Apache is looking in the default /var/www/html path for index.html, but
because it can't find it there, it gives the noindex.html page instead.
So, you should define exportersnetwork's DocumentRoot (within its
VirtualHost) as say "/var/www/exportnet" then you must have that site's
index page under that tree i.e. /var/www/exportnet/index.html. Same
process for the other two. I hope that makes it clear for you.

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 - Bob Young on the benefits of the open source development model.
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