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Re: Fc2 is damn slow :(

davide wrote:
I'm using fc2 right now at work, i tried to install it at home (i
already have fc1 on a laptop and it works really fine) but i discovered
that the new distro is hopelessly slow...

I've a PIII 1000 with 256 Mb RAM and it's impossible to run fedora. Many
times kde crashes withouth reason, Mozilla starts in 10 (i'm not joking)
10 minutes...
I believe the problem is Xorg, anyone has an idea on how to optimize it?
In this way i can't simply use the laptop, it's the slowest machine i've
ever seen! :(

Your results are not typical. I have been using FC2 with acceptably good performance on a Celeron 466MHz with 196MB RAM today and it wasn't painful to use.

It is probably an isolated problem within the kernel or xorg with a specific hardware component. Can you please report the following information to Bugzilla against the "distribution" component and CC me.

1) Edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and comment out the "dri" line. Any better behavior? Does KDE still crash? I have seen some strange problems with DRI and KDE crashing during the FC2 development cycle...

2) Attach "lspci -n" and "lscpi -vvv" to the report.

3) dmesg > dmesg.txt and bzip2 compress that, then attach it.

4) Also link to your original post in the mailing list in the report so others can see where your problem report originated.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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