[FC2] Problem with Firefox

Coume - Lubox.com coume.mailinglists at lubox.com
Sat May 22 21:35:55 UTC 2004

I tried to investigate the problem but I am starting to get really lost.
I tried to uninstal dag repo to install the fedora.us package.
BUT it also gives the same error or rather problem, then I have 2 ideas:
- The problems comes from the plugin, I always used it from work on a
Windows computer and never on linux before...
- Is it something coming from the linux version of firefox...

I don't think it could be a package problem as several packages from
different distro have the same problem....

If one of you has 5 min to spare, would you mind trying this plugin out
and tell me if you also have this problem?

thxs in advance
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