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Re: MP3 in KDE on FC2

Dusan Djordjevic wrote:

Hi all,

How should I make MP3 work in KDE (I use Juk) on Fedora Core 2 ? This is what i tried:

If you find a proper answer to this question, please let me know too! :-) I would rather not have to use xmms...

-Downloaded and installed libtag and libtag-devel RPMs
-Downloaded lame source and rebuilt and installed it (prefix /usr)
-Downloaded libmusicbrains source, rebuilt and installed it (prefix /usr)

I'm not sure about your compile errors, but I believe that KDE just hands the files off to ARTS to decode and play them. (Not 100% sure, but I think this is the case.) So if you want to add mp3 support back into KDE, you will have to recompile the ARTS package with mp3 support enabled.

Once you do this, I am not sure if you will or will not have to recompile anything else to be aware of the new support you have added into ARTS....

Let me know if you get it working! :-)


Chris Colohan  Email: chris colohan ca       PGP: finger colohan cs cmu edu
	       Web:   www.colohan.com        Phone: (412)268-4751

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