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Re: Multiple speed problems

Michael wrote:

I am having a problem with FC2 that just started yesterday evening. All was
fine the day before yesterday and when I started my system yesterday,
everything was moving at an extremely slow speed. At startup, as the
machine is going through loading all of the DSO's, each one of them takes an
extremely long time (30-40 seconds) to load and there are a couple like
sendmail and vsftpd that take 5-10 minutes to load. Once everything is
loaded and I log in to the box, anything that I try to start, from file
managers to consoles to text editors takes several minutes to load. I also
tried using yum since this all started to update a couple packages and I am
receiving a msg that says [errno 4] I/Oerror: <url open error >. Also there
are 2 errors that show up consistently in the syslog since this started and
they are;

kernel: cdrom: open failed; and mdmpd: mdmpd failed;

- there is also another error that showed in the syslog prior to this
problem and continues to show since the problem started which says kernel: there is already a security framework initialized, register_security
Kernel: Failure registering capabilities with the kernel

I have no idea what is causing these problems.  Any help anyone can give
would be greatly appreciated.


Look, Mike, I'm not sure, but if sendmail and that take so long to start, I would say it has something to do with DNS.

Check your hosts file, your resolv.conf and if you're running bind, your named.conf.

Just a guess, but this would seem the most logical problem to me.


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