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Announcing Fedora Tracker

Several months ago on fedora-devel-list I announced a project that I've
been working on in my spare time called Fedora Tracker. My goal at that
point was to get feedback and help in making the Tracker ready for
general consumption. I think it's now to that point. 

If you haven't heard of it yet, here's the deal:

The Tracker's job is to bring all of the many apt and yum repositories
out there together through a single, easily searchable interface. I hope
everybody finds it useful. It currently has almost 4,500 distinct
packages indexed!

The url is http://www.fedoratracker.org

The Tracker should be reasonably quick and stable by now, but I'm still
eager to get bug reports, feature requests, general commentary, etc.
Also, if you know a repository (especially an FC2 repository) that isn't
in the Tracker, please have the admin submit it. 


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