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Re: Fedora Core 2 Problems

Wayne Steenburg wrote:


Running system-config-mouse and selecting your mouse *should* take care of problems 1 and 3.

*WRONG ANSWER!* If FC2 were truly ready for general distribution, this would never have happened. Failure to detect and configure known and supported devices during installation is a sign of sloppy testing and (by implication) a rushed distribution cycle. Failure to have drivers for a major video card in time for a release is another. I see this pointing up a basic flaw in the philosophy behind the Fedora Project. In a completely free (in the "Free Beer" as well as "Free Speech" sense) environment there is no incentive to compete, and therefore no reason to strive for excellence. I would rather pay a few dollars (as I did until Redhat got greedy) for each upgrade, expecting that it would work out of the box, and knowing that, if it didn't, I had someone smarter than I to call.
I know that Fedora is by design a bleeding edge distribution, but the impression I have received from this mailing list since the release last week is that FC2 has hemorrhagic fever. I upgraded from RH 9 to FC1 two weeks after release and have not had any problems since. So far everything I've read tells me I don't want to touch FC2.
Gordon Keehn

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