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chattr like prog for XFS


	I'm an idiot. Okay.. got that out of the way. 

	you see, this is the 2nd time I've shot myself in the foot with this
same problem.

I wanted to tar something before I ssh'ed copied it to another system

like this

tar -czf - fileA | ssh system-B tar -xvzf - -C /untar/directory

You see.. sometimes(twice this week) I shoot myself in the foot by
mixing up the sequence of tar and end up munging the original data to

eg : Org-data		1M

After Mixup
	Org-Data	45K

and Lo and behold, I lost the data!! BAH!

So.. to prevent this from ever happening again, is there some program
that will actually stop me/the program from erasing the original data if
I mix up the sequence of tar? I know Chattr can do exactly that for the
ext2/3 filesystem. Is one available for XFS?

Or will I have to 

1: Knock tar into my thick skull
2: chmod a-w Org-Data?? (This I'm not even sure will work)


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