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Re: fc2 will not install to sata

On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 13:49, Linux wrote:
> > No screen display says BIOS died...you should get a display from the
> > boot block even with a corrupted bios according to the Asus manual.
> > Whether the eeprom died because it was defective or because a problem on
> > the MB killed it, it is a problem for Asus and I would definitely return
> > the board to your vendor...since the eeprom did get written once in a
> > programmer somewhere, the indication is that the problem probably
> > originated on the motherboard...so I wouldn't attempt to flash that new
> > bios without thinking long and hard.
> >
> >
> Hi Kas
> Do you think that putting in a new bios that has been "professionally
> flashed" will bring the board back to life or are you saying that even that
> will not help?
> Jeff

That will teach me to not look first...I now remember the warning about
not using EF Flash to update to v1004 (and 1005 although the message
says 1004) from earlier versions.  The warning really implies that EZ
Flash was borked in 1001,1002 and 1003 and it shouldn't be used...from
this I would then figure that the whole problem was caused by a
malfunctioning EZ Flash in your original BIOS.  My experience below
indicates that it still wasn't fixed in v1005 either.

This is here I get updates from:


Since v1001-3 EZ Flash apparently hoses BIOS, you may not be able to
bring this board up without an new BIOS...I would still be inclined to
RMA it if you can't get a display and a floppy won't boot.  However, if
you can get a floppy to boot, there is still hope...

Venturing forth where angels fear to tread, I just gave EZ Flash a try
using BIOS v1005 hoping to update to v1007.  EZ Flash just hungs after
reading the K8V.ROM file on my floppy and saying "Erasing ...." . 
Fortunately, it was lying and BIOS was still intact.  As I would expect
from Asus, they don't even list the K8V on the list of procedures to use
with various motherboards...so I used what I knew works...v1005 came
with the utilities needed...I modified patch.ini and put k8v1007.ami on
the floppy in place of 1005.ami and booted from there...1007 is running



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