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Re: 5336-Nvidia Driver

Tero Hanninen wrote:
On Sun, 30 May 2004, HD wrote:

I am preparing to upgrade to FC2 from FC1 and I am currently using the 5336-Nvidia Driver with FC1. During the upgrade will it automatically revert to the 2d nvidia driver? Or do I need to do something before upgrading? I don't mind just using the 2d driver for a while since I only occasionally use 3d. But I don't want anything to go badly wrong during or after the upgrade to fc2.

I'm posting this running FC2 and the 5336 Nvidia driver.

I'll assume you're using the official Nvidia driver on your FC1 and
not the livna.org ones (as far as I know there are no Nvidia rpms for
FC2 yet).

You'll have to recompile the Nvidia kernel module after upgrade to FC2
as your kernel will change from 2.4 series to 2.6. This is what the
Nvidia README has to say:
Q: I just upgraded my kernel, and now the NVIDIA kernel module will
not load.  What is wrong?

A: The kernel interface layer of the NVIDIA kernel module must be
compiled specifically for the configuration and version of your
kernel. If you upgrade your kernel, then the simplest solution is to
reinstall the driver.

I have a quick and dirty Nvidia installation HOWTO in my blog over here:

Your milage may vary, but I'll post it here anyway in hope that it'll help someone


Thanks you very much! This information will all be very helpful when I get to that point.

But I guess I didn't ask my initial question clearly enough or perhaps I am simply asking the wrong question. What I am actually wanting to know... Once I have upgraded to FC2 and before I am able to recompile the Nvidia kernel module for the new kernel... will X work? And Will FC2 with it's new kernel be using the nv driver until I get 5336 one complied and installed? If not what will I actually be seeing?



Tipping my hat to Fedora.

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