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Re: galeon needs mozilla = 37:1.7.2

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
    Is this a geeky way to tell us that Galeon's gonna get dropped, so
we should get used to Firefox?  I've given it nearly a week; is this
gonna be a long-term thing?

Galeon always lags behind new releases of moziila because the API changes so much. The latest released Galeon source simply will not build against mozilla 1.7.3.

If you want to install mozilla 1.7.3 and can do without galeon for a while, just remove galeon and wait for a new release.

Galeon is not part of the Fedora Core distribution anyway, so there won't be an official Fedora release.

And what's with the '37' on the front of the version number?

It's an "Epoch" number. Epochs are used to indicate a change in version numbering schemes, so for instance version 0.1 of an "Epoch 2" RPM will be seen by RPM as being a later version that version 7.5 of an "Epoch 1" RPM for the same package. Quite why the Fedora RPMs use such a high Epoch number I don't know.


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