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RE: Starting Samba on Fedora 2

>> [<Yigal>] It worked - at least started to: service smb start started
>> service.. I can see now the Linux PC from the XP, but I get a request
>> for password. I want to allow free access: how do I tell the Linux to
>> share? (in XP it's simple: right click and share)
>Please read the documentation, i.e.:
[<Yigal>] Thanks. I did, but somehow this is very long. I get the
feeling that these guides were written specifically for those who know
everything and don't need guides - I really can't compile this and also
understand it as a newbie. I wish there was a "7 steps to connect to XP
network on home network system guide.

>Use system-config-samba
[<Yigal>] Command not found

 or swat
[<Yigal>] I write SWAT and nothing happends - like its running in "no
output mode"

> or hand edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf to
>setup the shares.
[<Yigal>] Last time I was really brave I did such changes and had to
install all OS from start. Again: as a newbie I prefer to go through
GUIs which show me what I really need for a specific task and do a
sanity check for the variables I enter. At the moment I use the browser
through localhost:901 and could create a share which I even can see from
the XP, however I get the response that this share does not have the
permission and direct me to the administrator, which is me; but I have
no idea what to do now. At least someone calls me administrator. Cool.

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