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Re: FC 2 is SLOOOOOW!!

> I do not believe this is a mondo problem.  Is anyone else seeing this on FC
> 2?

I just did my full system backup two days ago. I haven't used 'mondo'
I just go the traditional 'tar-ball' way  (I split everything on one
tar-ball and then '/usr' dir and subdirs on a second one) and then
burn the two compressed tar-balls on a DVD.

The process took longer due to more files compared with previous RH9
installation. I would say there was approximatelly 100Mb more under
/usr/ this time. Other than that I run the root shell on an xterm
instead of a gnome-terminal that are infinitely slower under FC2. The
xterm has light speed faster output.

So to answer you question, I don't know how 'mondo' works put if it
outputs on the terminal and you run it under a gnome-terminal this
will be really really really slow. Try running it on an xterm for
better speed results.

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