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Duel Monitor (not a laptop)

Hi all,

I am trying to get duel heads working on a FC2 install with all the latest
updates installed.

I am doing this with a Matrox G550 card. If I boot into run level 3 startx
make the mods with the Display applet in Gnome, exit out of X and start it
back up it works fine. Now if I reboot it will not initialize the monitor
on the left. The right monitor only shows what you would see on the right
monitor if the Left monitor has initialized. I can right click the desktop
and get the correct menus. It's as if it is working but the left monitor
is gone.

Before I reboot all the functions work as expected. Spanning desktop and

Now if I go back to my original xorg.conf and redo the conf file again
like I did in the first place all is well. As soon as I reboot the sam
issue happens. I have included a copy of my xorg.conf file for your

Any ideas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

| Richard Houston                  .^.     |
| R.L.H.  Consulting               /V\     |
| E-Mail  <rhouston rlhc net>    /(   )\   |
| WWW     <www.rlhc.net>          ^^-^^    |

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