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Re: whereami-like program under Fedora?

Le mar 12/10/2004 à 13:32, Timothy Murphy a écrit :
> I'm looking for a program to run on my laptop
> which will set up network connections properly
> according to whether I am at home or at work.
> Do any Fedora users have advice on a good program for this?
> I've looked at whereami, guessnet and ifplugd -
> all are rather Debian centered, 
> and don't seem to exist in Redhat rpm format.

Did you check the network configuration tools (standard in Fedora Core
2) ?

Look in the menu : System Parameters -> Network.

It allows you to create different profiles and to (de)activate different
interfaces and parameters (DNS, route...) according each profile.

The "user" side of this tool is "Network Connection Control" in the
System Tools menu that allows user to (de)activate interfaces (if you
allow users to activate these interfaces).

> Incidentally, I've never been clear if one can use Debian rpms
> under Redhat/Fedora without problems?

I hope it can help.

Sincerely yours, Mathieu.

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