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Re: Sendmail Problems

Am Do, den 14.10.2004 schrieb Alexander Dalloz um 19:44:

> > How did you extract that information - presumably by doing a portscan
> > or something like it ?
> Yes, I did a portscan after a telnet to your SMTP server told be to be
> that old Sendmail release which has a lot of severe bugs. And then I
> found it is not only the MTA. A portscan is nothing forbidden, just
> something like knocking at the doors and checking whether they are open
> or locked.

> Alexander

Sorry, I have to correct this a bit: I wanted to find out whether there
is something obvious to be seen with your Sendmail which could explain
the problem you had by using it as smart host. So I  did a telnet and
forgot to add port number 25 after the hostname. Quicker as I recognized
my fault I got the greeting of your telnet daemon, telling me your
system's version. This was the beginning of the story ;) After a first
big surprise I did the portscan with service version detection to see if
you upgraded services by hand. The information that it is a Redhat Linux
6.0 has not that much to say, _if_ you would manage security upgrades
from sources your own.


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