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Re: emacs encoding vs FC2

Ian Malone wrote:
$emacs Kölsch&
In gnome-terminal (or xterm) will visit the file 'KÃlsch',
regardless of whether 'Kölsch' exists

I believe this is a bug in Emacs 21.3 and fixed in upstream cvs. It is already in our bugzilla too.

The second problem is pasting from other applications, notably the
gucharmap.  Here most Latin characters seem to work alright,
but accented Greek characters like alpha-tonos (U+03AC) do not.

I think this is probably also an Emacs: may be better in cvs emacs too.

Would the above work on XEmacs,

Probably not the latter, not sure for the former - please try. :)

and would I have to get rid of GNU Emacs to
install it?  (Add/remove applications isn't allowing me to select
XEmacs or de-select Emacs, and before I go to the command line I
wonder whether there's a rational explanation)

Nope, you can install both. How about:

up2date -i xemacs



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