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Re: fc2 installation freezes on athlon-xp [solved]

Am Di, den 19.10.2004 schrieb Georg Wittig um 22:01:

> Sorry for replying to my own question...

That is no shame :)
A nice thing is to slightly change the topic and add a "solved" tag to
it. (Hope you don't mind I do it now with my mail, though I am not you
and did not contribute anything. Scott counts these tags in his monthly
list stats.)

> > I cannot get FC2 to install on my Athlon-XP, mobo MS 6380E, chip set VIA
> > KT333.

> The solution was to disable USB legacy in the BIOS.

Hm, I had that in mind but as you wrote that it is a PS/2 keyboard the
USB legacy mode couldn't interfere. So we never stop learning new things


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