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Re: Grubbed

Max B. Sawicky wrote:

I recently added a hard disk.  It can with an
ATA card that I hooked it up to, configured on
cable select.  WinXP is on the first HD (master),
plugged into the motherboard.

What was the disk device name? Your WinXP disk was probably /dev/hda. What was your new drive called?

Then I installed Fedora on the new drive.  Later
I found out the ATA card gave me no advantage and
prolonged the boot up, so I yanked it, set the
new HD as slave, and used the MB IDE port for
both HDs.

Now you are changing the device name of your new hard drive. You have probably changed it from whatever it was to /dev/hdb. You will need to change all of your Linux references to your HDD in your grub.conf file to reflect this change.

Then I rebooted and instead of Linux or Win XP,
I get:

grub >

Yes, grub can no lionger find your "old" controller with the HDD on it. You need to tell grub where your new drive is again. The good news is that after you edit your grub.conf file, everything should work again. No need to reinstall grub or anything else (assuming that grub was installed in the MBR of your first hdd.

along with a bunch of commands that didn't
seem to do anything.  I used fdisk/mbr to
wipe the MBR on the first drive and now grub
is dead and I can boot to Win XP.  I don't
know how to get back to the Linux install.
Can I fix this without reinstalling Linux?

Ow, ouch! Now you really screwed things up! (not really!)
Go and get your rescue CD, boot from it, and use its utilities to re-install grub (this time with the correct disk references for your Linux boot and root info) into the MBR. Running FDISK restored the WinXP boot stuff.

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
cummings kjchome homeip net
cummings kjc386 framingham ma us

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