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Re: Very, very OT: Canada -- was [RE: A welcoming email]

On Wednesday 20 October 2004 08:39 pm, Brian Fahrlander wrote:

>>> snip

>     WAIT.  Now this is getting interesting.  I want to participate, but
> this isn't the place.  Is there somewhere else we can pick this up?
>     I'm curious to learn things like this about our neighbors; the real
> viewpoints and what's really going on.  It might be that 'conservative'
> and 'liberal' might be the same thing on both sides of the border...and
> if it is, we should unite, as liberalism is a problem bigger than both
> of us.
>     Let me know where you take this, I'll follow.

Be very, very careful. Take a look here:
If you measure on a ratio of parties/people, the Canadians are easily the 
world leaders. Note the name "Progressive Conservative". Huh?
-- cmg (who should know better than to get into this thread)

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