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Re: running a mirror server.

/wrt to the daemon you run

rsync -d

(daemon mode)

your rsyncd.conf governs what filesystems/files you export via rsync so obviosly you want ot be somewhat circumspect as to what it contains... there's no compelety reason to run one as a mirror unless you have others syncing from you.

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 akonstam trinity edu wrote:

If you are going to run a mirror to be used locally on our campus does
rsyncd need to be running and take part in the ability of the server
to distribute files through the web interface?

Because I noticed that although the rsync rpm has a rsync file and a
rsyncd.conf man page it does not contain a rsyncd file or a
rsyncd.conf file. So if these latter files are needed where does one
get them?

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