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Re: Replacing a Video Card under Fedora 2

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 14:47 -0700, BRUCE STANLEY wrote:
> Hi!
> I am currently running Fedora 2 with a Matrox G450
> card.  I am thinking about replacing it with an 
> ATI 9200 SE card with 128mb of memory.
> Will Fedora 2 support this card?
> If so,  how should I go about replacing it.
> Install new  X drive before putting the new card
> in an then rebooting?
> Or,  Put new card in and let Fedora detect it
> (if it will)?
> Any help here would be appreciated.

	It would only be auto detected during the firstboot (first boot after
installation.  When the card is installed boot into run level 3 by
typing 'e' when you see the GRUB screen, edit the kernel line by
selecting it and hitting 'e' again, (you may delete the word rhgb) and
type the number '3'. hit enter to exit the edit mode and hit the 'b' key
to boot.

Once you get to the login screen log in (I believe you will need to be
root - so log in as root) then run the command:


the system will then attempt to set-up X for you, start an X session and
present you with the GUI to adjust resolution, monitor and the rest of

Then just reboot when you are done with that and you'll get your
familiar boot sequence.


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