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Re: Replacing a Video Card under Fedora 2

I am currently running Fedora 2 with a Matrox G450
card. I am thinking about replacing it with an ATI 9200 SE card with 128mb of memory.

Will Fedora 2 support this card?

If so, how should I go about replacing it.

Install new  X drive before putting the new card
in an then rebooting?

Or,  Put new card in and let Fedora detect it
(if it will)?

Any help here would be appreciated.

My comment is that the question should be phased, does ATI support Fedora?

I tried an ATI card on my new computer and went to a NVidia card after a month of fighting with the ATI drivers and not getting them to work.

I do use a ATI 7500 at work with no problems but for the higher end cards, look at NVidia. Their driver support is better. On another note, I was reading a review of some software and they said they could not get the ATI card to work with an NVidia based board with nForce chip set. This could be an issue as well.

If you don't want 3D acceleration then the ATI card should work well. You will have to follow the configuration instructions for the X server.
Robin Laing

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